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Measurement data of energy grows continuously with AMR. That data must be relayed to various systems, and the flow of the data must be monitored. Jami is an integration platform for the task.


Jedi is a complete solution for data interchange in power markets. Jedi integrates edi messages with various applications and controls the correctness of message interchange. Jedi analyses and reports the message chains and reports the problems.

Jedi is the first certified messaging application in Finland.


Tyko is a complete balance settlement solution for distribution utilities. Tyko manages the hourly balance calculations and type curve calculations. With Tyko all the delivery of hourly balances and hourly metered data can be managed. Also the power supplier can easily forecast and control the validity of balance information from other parties.


eLine is a tool for monitoring, calculation, forecasting and reporting of energy information. With a clear user interface it is easy to monitor the measurements and sales. e-Line is capable to handle large amounts of metered data in a MS SQL Server database.

Distribution outage report

We have developed for Energiateollisuus ry (Finnish Energy Industries) an application for annual calculation and publication of statistics of outages. In addition to national statistics the utilities get their own statistics compared to a reference group.