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Message Service

Data exchange in electricity market increases significantly in coming years. Energy companies must exchange information regarding contracts and measurements when customers change their supplier. Punctuality and quality are important factors in the energy company's customer service. Enease Message Service answers to these challenges.

Distribution losses

Distribution losses are a significant expense of the power distribution. Procurement of the loss energy from the power market requires the hourly profile of losses. With the metering data from AMR the precision of the losses can be improved. Our calculation service calculates the most precise loss estimate, hourly profile and forecast for procurement of loss energy. The losses can be purchased from the power market by similar means than all other energy.

Load models

The planning and monitoring of the distribution networks and electricity sales require the customer load profiles. Our service research finds out the best fitting load models for electricity trade and distribution. Our Loadtemp load model can calculate type load profile, temperature correlation and long term hourly forecasts.


Our forcast toolbox can handle following forecast cases:

  • short term automatic forecasting
  • long term forecasting on hourly resolution
  • small customers load forecasting

Conversion service for Nordic Balance Settlement

Enease receives EDI-formatted balance information messages, converts them to XML and sends to the new Nordic Balance Settlement unit eSett.